Our mission is to offer a supportive environment for those seeking to foster individual, community, and social betterment. We opened the doors to Bailey Farms with a vision of providing nonprofits and others, particularly community-focused groups, with a private, affordable, and relaxing sanctuary.


Bailey Farms was settled by John Young in the early 1800s, and the original farmhouse still survives. The property was acquired in that century by “Old Ira” Bailey, from whom the Farm gets its name.

In the early 1900s, the property was purchased by a Broadway actress. Next, legend has it that a wealthy New York gentleman took ownership of the Farm and in 1937 built a replica of a Georgian estate house for his wife, who had admired a picture of a similar structure in a British magazine. They were succeeded as owners by a horticulturist. Along the driveway he planted the magnificent Japanese Katsura trees that, to this day, welcome guests to the property.

Twenty years ago, Bailey Farms became the retreat and conference center it is today, dedicated to serving the larger community. We regularly welcome schools and colleges; professional and business associations; churches, synagogues, and other religious / spiritually oriented groups; community, civic, and cultural groups. The hope is that the rich and varied history of Bailey Farms, along with its quiet serenity, will inspire those who spend time here and that visitors leave refreshed, renewed, and rededicated.


Bailey Farms is less than 30 miles north of New York City in Ossining, NY (Mid Westchester County).  It is a 45 minute Metro-North train ride from Grand Central (NYC) to the Ossining train station and a 5-minute taxi ride from the station.

Nondiscrimination Policy: Bailey Farms is an equal opportunity institution and adheres to the policy that no person on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, handicap, or disability is excluded from or is subject to discrimination in any program or activity.